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ultraviolet sample tin

ultraviolet sample tin

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Ultraviolet offers a vivid sensory and emotional experience. This warm blend of fruity, floral, and earthy notes creates a deep, lingering effect.

It unfolds like a love story: first, you'll notice the sultry canopy of summer evening top notes from across the room. Next, the flirty middle notes start to play like luminous little butterflies. The final chapter is an earthy, deep-rooted base, allowing you to completely let your guard down. Trust us; this love affair will not be fleeting—Ultraviolet will linger in your memories.

Top Notes: violet leaf, black currant, and mandarin

Middle Notes: geranium, jasmine, and rose

Bottom Notes: sandalwood, amber, and vetiver


  • Sample Tin - No Wick
  • Handpoured in the USA

Fragrances manufactured without phthalates or parabens, lead-free, double cotton cored wicks 

Approx. Net Weight: .5 oz. No Wick

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