rows of empty handwoven palm belly baskets on windowsill

Product Spotlight: Belly Baskets

Belly baskets have been a home decor trend for a couple of years now mostly for their cuteness, but also for their sustainability. Personally, we'd much rather store our belongings in a woven palm basket than a plastic container. So, we thought we'd put the spotlight on our tabletop belly baskets this month since we don't see them going out of style anytime soon!

woven palm basket with green plant inside, sitting on top of a stool. white background
(Tabletop Belly Basket)

woman sitting on pink ottoman holding a woven basket with plant

Our baskets come in three sizes and are handwoven in Vietnam using 100% palm to create a beautiful and durable piece. The collapsable center allows for a different look on your tabletop, we like to keep one collapsed in our entryway as a catch-all for keys. Check out our 3 Ways Belly Baskets blog post for more ideas!

woman reaching for keys. small handwoven basket and tote bag on top of pink entry table
(Tabletop Belly Basket x-small)

3 handwoven palm baskets stacked inside eachother

(Tabletop Belly Basket Set/3)

Like all handmade goods that travel far to your home, they may need a little TLC. We've included easy care instructions to reshape your basket in all basket orders, see below.

Basket reshaping instructions

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