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3 Ways: Belly Baskets

What's in your belly? With three different sizes, there's a plethora of options and places to put each belly basket throughout your home. Here are a few ways we like to use ours.

 The baby belly basket is the perfect size for a catch-all key spot. Pro tip - fold down the top half to make it bowl-shaped, it will stand easier and you'll easily be able to spot your keys before you walk out the door.

Next up, the middle child aka the belly basket in size small. A great size to hold pens and pencils on a desk for the boho artist or list-making girl boss.

Last but certainly not least, THE tabletop belly basket. Big enough to use as a planter or just about anything really. We use ours for this lovely office plant (that we sometimes forget to water but we're trying okay).

(Image via @collected_eclectic)

Sometimes they just look great all together on a shelf! Really though, what's in your belly? Tag #mypillowpia in all your belly basket pics.


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