3 Ways: Belly Baskets

3 Ways: Belly Baskets

What's in your belly? With three different sizes, there's a plethora of options and places to put each belly basket throughout your home. Here are a few ways we like to use ours.

 The baby belly basket is the perfect size for a catch-all key spot. Pro tip - fold down the top half to make it bowl-shaped, it will stand easier and you'll easily be able to spot your keys before you walk out the door.

Next up, the middle child aka the belly basket in size small. A great size to hold pens and pencils on a desk for the boho artist or list-making girl boss.

Last but certainly not least, THE tabletop belly basket. Big enough to use as a planter or just about anything really. We use ours for this lovely office plant (that we sometimes forget to water but we're trying okay).

Sometimes they just look great all together on a shelf! Really though, what's in your belly? Tag #mypillowpia in all your belly basket pics.


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