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What the KAZI x PILLOWPIA Collab Is All About

We officially launched our collaboration line with KAZI this week, and we couldn't be more excited to share it with you all. The collection, including woven wall plates, a planter, and a vase, has been receiving incredible feedback, but where the magic truly lies is what went into creating this line.

vignette of geometric purple and orange woven wall plate. Geometric planter with plant and vase on a side table
(28" XL Mora Woven Wall Art Plate, 7" Mora Raffia Planter, Mora Vase With Glass Insert)

KAZI is a home decor company that works to employ artisans in Africa, believing that "everyone deserves to make a fair wage." When they asked our founder, Pia, to design a collection last year, we couldn't have been more excited. By bringing employment to these areas, KAZI improves the lives of the artisans and their communities. So far, they've impacted more than 36,137 family members and 100,000 community members with the work they do. Not to mention the empowerment that goes along with being able to support oneself and loved ones.

Our company has been big fans of KAZI for years. It's the go-to spot for beautifully handcrafted African wall plates, vases, etc. These artisans craft the most intricate and beautiful decor pieces using sustainable materials, all within fair-trade and ethical work environments. What's even more incredible is you can get the chance to meet each artisan on the KAZI website. Throughout the design and creation process, we were able to virtually meet the artisans hand-weaving our collection.

close up of purple and orange woven wall plate.

The KAZI x PILLOWPIA collection is inspired by handmade Turkish kilim rugs, known for geometric prints and color play. The natural dyes meet and transfer from one to the next across the geometric patterns in an unexpected way. The artisans weave together sweetgrass and raffia using a sewing needle to achieve these incredible woven pieces of art.

African woman weaving basket in front of wall

98% of KAZI's artisans are women in rural African communities. These women are farmers, workers, caregivers, mothers, widows, wives, daughters, and they are the backbone of these communities. By providing employment opportunities in areas where women are not traditionally the breadwinners, they work towards changing the narrative and closing the gender gap on a global scale. We are forever grateful to be given an opportunity to help empower these women, bring them opportunities, and have a part in alleviating poverty within these communities.

close up of woman gathering natural materials

& check out KAZI's initiative here
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