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Our Must-Have Travel Essentials

A warm weather vacation is much needed with this cold weather we're having here in New York. So our team has put together a list of travel must-have's to help get rid of the stress that is, packing. Here are our top travel essentials that will ensure you're prepared for the vacay of a lifetime.

French Market Bag

From airport to beach and gym to market, this versatile accessory will become your best friend by the time your vacation is over. As someone who always forgets which pocket my passport is in at airport check-in, this bag is the best! The net allows you to see everything you throw inside. Also, the perfect beach bag since it carries a ton and can air out wet towels and bathing suits!

(French Market Bag in pink)

Petite Pillows

Neck pillow who? Our petite pillows are the perfect size for travel and, in our opinion, way more comfortable than your standard neck pillow. Not to mention they make a great beach pillow also!

(Found Petite Pillow xxxi)

Ginger Chews

Ginger has been known to help ease motion sickness, so if you're the type of person that usually feels a little, you know, on a plane we suggest getting a bag from your local Trader Joe’s.

(Image via Ginger People)

Empty Water Bottle

An easy way to save money and keep hydrated during a travel day. Plastic water bottles can be upwards of $5 at airport cafes and not to mention they aren't the most environmentally friendly either. Fill up at a water fountain post security check and stay cool through long flights.

(Image via S’well)


If you've been on an airplane you've most definitely experienced dry skin from the lack of humidity and recycled air. And since you're basically held captive, you may as well give yourself a beauty treatment. Bring you favorite lotion, cuticle oil, or moisturizer, or better yet, an all on one balm.

(Image via Aquaphor)

Cleansing Wipes

Aside from the dryness that occurs, recycled air is also not the cleanest. Bringing along cleansing wipes for the face and body is an easy way to freshen up that doesn't require you to leave your seat!

(Image via Simple)

Makeup Essentials

We suggest you keep your beauty baggage light, determine your top three must haves, and don't worry about everything else. You're on vacation after all! Our Founder Pia's go-to makeup essentials are a tinted moisturizer, brow gel, and lip balm.

(Image via Benefit Cosmetics)
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