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Tips For Creating a Timeless Space

Fashion and home decor go hand in hand when it comes to trends and shopping habits. But like clothes, it is possible to curate your own collection of timeless decor pieces that will last you forever (or close to it). Here are our tips for finding the best home textiles you will want to keep for the long run.

two orange pillows stacked, close up of gold zipper detail. In front of white wall
(Chindi Pillow in pottery)

Invest in Quality

We understand price tags can be scary sometimes, but if it's the right piece and from a reliable source, things tend to pay for themselves over time. Quality pieces that are attentively made will stay with you for longer therefore you buy less replacements and you might end up spending less in the long run.

woman hugging a cream and black pillow on top of a pink ottoman. In front of beige wall
(Cowrie Embroidered Pillow in natural)

Functionality & Feel

Softness is a functionality when it comes to pillows & throw blankets. Choose pieces that you want to relax with, developing that connection will give your space a positive energy that you will want to sustain. Dual purpose items are also great options for making things feel new again, like our Tabletop Belly Baskets. They can be used as planters, folded into bowls, or simply as decorative baskets.

kitchen wall shelves with various glasses and wooden cutting boards. Three bamboo belly baskets together on middle shelf.
(Tabletop Belly Baskets, image via instagram)

Stay Away From Trends

Fashion and home decor trends are often short lived so we suggest choosing texture rather than trending prints when on the hunt for textiles. Mixing textures is also a fun way to give neutral spaces some life. As fas as color goes, earthy tones tend to have longevity over bright, pastel or neon colors. 

two bedroom setups side by side. Left is brighter with blue and pink blanket and white pillows. Right is darker with maroon blanket, grey curtains and white pillows.(images via instagram)

Swap Out Pieces

If you get bored with certain textiles, having a few backups to swap them with is a great idea. That way your space will feel fresh without having to buy more. Swapping out throw blankets can instantly change the mood of a space, and you can move them from room to room rather than to storage.

marble table with cup of coffee, six linen tissue box colors splayed in various earthy colors, folded pink fabric
(Vines Fabric By The Yard, James Tissue Box Covers)

Take Your Time

It is hard and nearly impossible to design a timeless space within one night of online shopping. Curating the right pieces that you love takes time and they tend to fall into your lap sometimes unexpectedly. Give your space some time so that it can give you forever.

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