The Monochrome Collection: A study of absence.

The Monochrome Collection: A study of absence.

We usually begin a collection with color, then pattern and texture. When you take away one, what happens to the others?

(the french market bag no. 2 in monochrome black)

The monochrome collection was designed during the three months following the birth of founder, Pia Rappaport-Goldman's third child. "I can't deal with color right now," Pia said to her team. "Let's just focus on the other elements." 

The results are a group of mix and match styles so rich in texture, we can't wait to get our hands on them. The patterns are classic and familiar. Inspired by vintage Italian cinema, pieces are timeless, sophisticated, and dreamy.

As for "color", the collection is entirely black and creamy natural cotton. "My colorist always says - you can't have light without some dark." xo Pia

(minerva pillow)
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