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Spring Cleaning Tips & Tricks

It's that time of year again! Time to purge your closets, deep clean the kitchen, and vacuum your heart out. We've put together a list of spring cleaning tips and tricks for all areas of the house. So put on your favorite podcast and get to it!


Lemon's make lemonade and they also make a great all natural cleaner. Get rid of a smelly sink by running a few lemon rinds through your garbage disposal then follow with cold water. You can also use them as a stain remover on your cutting boards by rubbing half a lemon cut side down on the surface.

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Give your reusable bags a quick refresh by tossing them in the washing machine to remove any dirt and food residue.

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Your medicine cabinet and bathroom drawers could probably use a refresh this time of year too. Open up your medicine cabinets and check the dates on all of your skincare, makeup, and wellness products. It's important to throw out any expired products and replace them with new to ensure they are working at their best and don't become harmful to your health. Moving forward, it's helpful to write the date opened on any new products with a fine tip marker.

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Living Room

Might be a no brainer, but this is the perfect time to take out your vacuum cleaner. Some areas that people tend to forget about are underneath and behind furniture. Take it one step further by switching your vacuum to the upholstery tool to go over and in between all of your couch cushions. 

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      Toss your throw pillows and blankets in the dryer to freshen them up, but make sure you check the care tag before hand. If they're too delicate for the dryer, hang them outside for a day to air them out.


      Your dishwasher isn't just for dishes, it's also an easy way to clean plastic toys. Choose the crystal or quick cycle and skip the heated dry. For stuffed animals, gather them in a mesh laundry bag or a pillowcase and toss them in the washer, but make sure to check the care tag first.

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      It's time to finally get around to Marie Kondo-ing your closet. Spend a day or two to purge your wardrobe so it's ready for new spring/summer pieces.

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      Another feel-good refresh is to clean out your purse. Dump everything out, reorganize your belongings and throw away any trash that's been accumulated.

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      We just did a refresh of the Pillowpia studio. Get flexible shelving and add more shelves and boxes that make everything easily accessible. With our current collection on display and our reference material neatly organized, we're ready to start a new design season with everything at our fingertips!

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