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Shop the Look: Nursery

Let's face it, decorating a nursery is almost as exciting than meeting your baby. And we understand that both you and your baby need to be cozy and comfortable during those early mornings and late nights. Here are our tips and styling tricks to create a space perfect for two (or more).

rocking chair with pillows
(Ophelia Pillow, Terra Lumbar Pillow, Vines Tissue Box Cover in nude)

For those early mornings and late nights.

An antique rocking chair adds texture to an otherwise modern styled room. Soften it up and keep the color palette cohesive by adding throw pillows.

bean bag chair with pillows 
(Ophelia Pillow, Terra Lumbar Pillow)

Bedtime stories for the years to come.

There's no denying that this giant plush bean bag chair is like floating on a cloud. What better way to end the night with a bedtime story than in one of these bad boys? Throw a couple pillows on top for some contrast and structure.

(Found Petite Pillow iv, Found Petite Pillow iii)

A very Scandinavian playtime.

Babies love color and contrast, but sometimes that doesn’t fit into your style. Make an otherwise neutral room "play" friendly by brightening it up with the colorful and unique textiles. Pick up some petite pillows from our Found collection to make your space inviting for your little ones without compromising on aesthetic.

(Vines Pillow in grey, Tulips Lumbar Pillow in grey, Beaufort Petite Pillow, Found Petite Pillow v)

A bohemian jungle book nook.

Straight out of a storybook, this is every kid's safari dream. When your wallpaper is the star, choose neutral pillows that stay on theme print-wise, but also keep the focus where it belongs. Keeping the chair, rug, and pillows in cream and grey tones creates a calm corner in the middle of this vibrant jungle space.


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