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Shop the Look: Living Room Throw Pillows

Whether you are more of a bohemian, Scandinavian, or modern decor person, your living room needs to be a reflection of you! It is the most communal part of the home where family and guests can feel welcome and admire your tasteful design choices. We are here to give you the inspo you need to pick out the perfect throw pillows for your taste.

living room
(Pictured: Found Pillow x, Found Pillow xvii, Found Pillow xvi)

A naturally lit bohemian space where the main focal point is its greenery. The vintage indigo Found Pillows add color and a fun curated feel. Tying in nicely with the boho chevron carpet, the unique mudcloth patterned pillows sit on this worn leather sofa.

living room
(Pictured: Beaufort Pillow, Beaufort Petite Pillow, Tulips Lumbar Pillow, Vines Pillow, Charles Petite Pillow)

Modern yet playful and unique. This space may not be beaming with color but its brightness comes from its tasteful accents. The geometric lighting and metal wall climbers to name a couple. Our grey Vines Pillow and Tulips Lumbar Pillow carry the playful accents onto this modern white sofa, keeping the color palette muted but adding just the right touch of fun.

living room
(Pictured: Cowrie Pillow in clay, Cowrie Pillow in natural, Found Pillow xxii)

The natural light in this space reflects seamlessly off of its earthy tones. The main focal point of this room being the brown leather tufted sofa, it needed a few accent pillows to give it that lived in feel. With such a neutral color palette, the burnt orange from our Cowrie Chain Pillow and the subtle pink detailing from our vintage Found Pillow add a bit of color without overpowering the space.


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