Shop the Look: Dining Room Decor

Shop the Look: Dining Room Decor

It's the holiday season, which means its time to get your home in entertainment mode, especially the dining room. We've rounded up a few tips and decor tricks to make your guests feel more welcome and impress your relatives!

Adding pillows to your dining room chairs brings a welcoming feel to the table. Straying away from the formality of a typical dining set, pillows big and small add a casual feel. The perfect decor accessory to add during the holiday season.

Not just for comfort value, seat pillows can act as bold accent pieces. The unique textiles of our vintage Found Pillows work together with the vibrant red bar stools to add just the right amount of color to an otherwise all white space.

Play on shapes and textures for a modern, eye-catching centerpiece. We've added a handwoven palm basket for an earthy touch, and if you are looking for a pop of color fill it up with a statement fruit. Wandering away from the surplus of rounded shapes, we've added a tissue box with our Vines Cover. Maintaining the neutral color palette but sprucing it up a bit with a print.

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