arm holding a print of a sketch of a girl sitting. white sketch on pink paper

Product Spotlight: Wall Art

We are super excited about this month's Product Spotlight! Introducing our new wall art collection that includes original pieces from PILLOWPIA and friends.

It's International Women's Day this Sunday 3/8, so what better way to kick off the launch than with an original piece by our fearless female founder, Pia!

4 prints of a girl sitting. cream wall with table below
(figure 1 print in camel, sea salt, cement, charcoal)

Figure 1 offers a bold stroke on top of velvety textured paper and then captured for print, this piece is sure to be a focal point. Bringing the power and beauty of femininity to your decor.

This print looks great on its own or grouped as a gallery wall statement. All of our prints are available in multiple sizes and in digital download form.

framed print of a drawing of a girl sitting. frame on a cream wall with table below
(figure 1 print in chalk)

A new print will be launched every week so stay tuned for what's to come!


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