woman laying on striped rug with lumbar pillow

Product Spotlight: The Linus Pillow

The Linus Pillow is our definition of simple but not too simple. When it comes to interior design, decor tastes change, and trends come and go. That's why we spent so much time perfecting the Linus Pillow to be that chameleon piece that will stay with you through all of your remodelings.

lumbar pillow with orange stripe in front of a stool
(Linus Pillow in persimmon)

The simplicity is in its minimal print. The base is a natural cotton tone that allows it to blend into its neutral surroundings. With a single stripe that gives it personality from a bold orchid to a subtle dune.

close up of a lumbar pillow with tan stripe and hands
(Linus Pillow in dune)

woman resting on lumbar pillow with soft pink stripe
(Linus Pillow in blossom)

At first touch, its soft woven texture is a conversation starter. And its thickness equates to its luxury. Have you ever felt something softer than this slub cotton? Probably not.

woman sitting on couch with a bunch of pillows. holding a lumbar pillow with a purple stripe
(Linus Pillow in orchid)

Shop the Linus Pillow in all four color waves on the site. And don't forget to check out our other new styles!
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