woman sitting on ground holding a striped pillow smiling

Product Spotlight: The Jolie Pillow

Natural slub cotton meets playful stripes - that's the Jolie Pillow for you. Adding color and texture to any home, this pillow is a perfect choice!

woman holding two striped pillows
Jolie Pillow, Linus Pillow in orchid

Orchid purple, blossom pink, and persimmon orange stretch across in three slim stripes. We picture this pillow in a bedroom, nursery, or living room that isn't afraid of a bit of color.

woman sitting with a striped pillow in her lap

The Jolie Pillow pairs beautifully with any of the other pillows from our New Collection. Feel free to mix and match your favorites and never make the wrong choice!

Woman sitting holding a striped pillow on a couch filled with pillows
Linus Pillow in orchid & dune

Woman laughing holding cup of coffee on a couch filled with pillows

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