grey lumbar pillow with cream stripes on top of green wicker chair with plants in background

Styling the Braiden Pillow

Our beloved Braiden Pieced Pillow has returned! We're taking a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite styling moments.

Mid-Century Modern

living room corner with wooden cabinet and white chair with grey striped lumbar pillow on top
(image via instagram

Bright, Airy Brooklyn Apartment 

grey couch with two printed grey pillows on top, in front of white wall. Pastel water colored rug on floor

Bench Style

black wooden bench in front of white wall with two grey lumbar pillows on top

Nursery Nook 

white and grey striped arm chair with large pink pillow and grey lumbar pillow on top in front of white wall

Neutral Bohemian

white bedroom with wooden side tables and bedframe. white linens with grey lumbar pillow on top of bed
(image via instagram)

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