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Palm Wonderful

Photo courtesy of Makaua.

We partnered with Mexico-based manufacturer Makaua to produce the Woven Palm Collection.

WHO MADE THEM: Makaua is a company of artisans, producers and designers, working together to create unique and useful products. With their already contemporary product design and construction as the basis for the collection, we worked with Makaua to choose shapes, colors, and color placements that felt effortless, fresh, modern, and distinctly Pillowpia. 

WHERE TO USE THEM: Bowls can be used as tabletop baskets during dining or entertaining, the perfect entryway or nightstand catchalls, or just admire their beauty as decorative pieces on a console, buffet or coffee table. Use larger baskets to hold blankets, towels, flowers, or anything you else you want to display in a sophisticated way. These beautiful baskets make thoughtful hostess gifts or housewarming presents. As they are handcrafted item, no two are exactly alike.

WHY WE LOVE THEM: Each basket is made of palm, a sustainable natural fiber that grows abundantly in the south of Mexico. Once harvested, palm is handwoven, colored using natural vegetable dyes, and then stitched together in a double layer technique that is strong and polished. Combining a unique natural fiber, hundreds of years of basket weaving tradition, and the incredibly skilled hands of local artisans, results in well-crafted home goods that also have a substantial positive impact on the people part of this process. And that's wonderful!


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