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Our Favorite Christmas Movies

If winter wasn't already the best time to stay inside and watch movies all day, we're extra eager to do so this year. From the classics to newbies that haven't disappointed us, here are this year's favorite Christmas movies. And in no particular order because we love them all...

Christmas Story - 

Okay, we said no particular order but, it felt wrong to not start with this one. The Christmas day marathon of this classic has been airing annually on TBS since 1997. If you've managed to avoid this movie up until now then we are amazed and sad for you.

The Grinch - 

This Dr. Seuss story has been remade three times now, and we have to say all three versions are wonderful in their own ways. In the newest animated version Benedict Cumberbatch gives us the grumpy voice of the Grinch and paired with the rest of this famous cast it's a masterpiece.

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation - 

Many of the funny holiday quotes people love to whip out this time of year are courtesy of this movie. If you've watched too many Hallmark movies we suggest cleansing your palate with National Lampoon's.

The Christmas Chronicles - 

For the love of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, we didn't know how badly we needed them to play Mr. and Mrs. Clause together. This Netflix original came out in 2018, and a much-anticipated sequel was released this year.

Holidate - 

Not your average holiday romance movie. This new romantic comedy stars Emma Roberts a single woman who recruits a plutonic (not for long) plus one "holidate" to join her for every family gathering.

Christmas with The Kranks -

This holiday comedy is a fun light-hearted option to add to the mix. The Krank's played by Tim Allen and Jamie Lee Curtis plan to skip Christmas and go on a tropical cruise which everyone in their neighborhood seems to be strongly against.

White Christmas -

Set aside two hours and twenty minutes for Bing Crosby, you won't regret it. Filled with those beautifully sung classic Christmas songs and dancing at a cozy lodge up in snowy Vermont. A romantic story that will get you in the mood for the cold weather.

The Santa Clause - 

The much loved Christmas series that airs each year with Tim Allen as Santa Clause...we mean Scott Calvin. The fantasy of witnessing the north pole doesn't ever seem to get old and we love the magic of it in this one.

Eloise at Christmas -

A childhood favorite that is surprisingly very difficult to find on streaming networks. Based on the books which are actually based on real people who lived in New York City's Plaza Hotel, this story of little Eloise is playful and a great option for kids.

Love Actually - 

Every mom's favorite romantic holiday movie that you learn to appreciate the older you get. This British classic is filled with different storylines and a famous cast all centered around one special Christmas.

The Holiday - 

We'd like to manifest this storyline into our own lives. This movie follows two women who spontaneously swap houses for the holidays and find love along the way. The perfect option for a romantic movie marathon night with the girls.


What are your favorite holiday movies?

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