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How to Stay Motivated at Home

We are a little over a week into the new year and approaching that time where we start to "forget about" the resolutions we planned. It happens, no one is perfect, but there are some changes you can make around the house to help you stay motivated.

neutral colored bedroom, bed neatly made
(Braiden Pieced Pillow)

Make your bed in the morning

You've heard it before, make your bed in the morning. Incorporating a task like this into your morning routine really does jumpstart productive energy. Get up, get moving you have other more interesting things to do!

blue wall, workout equipment hanging up, bench with towels

create an at-home workout area

Lucky guess, one of your new year's resolutions is to get in shape? A typical, but usually hard one to keep because you start out strong going to the gym regularly and then you get lazy. Again, it happens and no one is perfect! Try creating a space in your home for workout purposes only, then you won't even have to leave your house to get fit.

 cloreup of couch with two printed pillows and a throw blanket
(Vines Pillow in blush)

Bring in a new pattern

Spice up your decor with a new textile print! Lucky you, we just introduced fabric by the yard so that new print can become your ottoman, throw blanket, chair, and/or pillow. A quick change to get you excited when you walk through the door.

kitchen counter, wall shelfs with glassware and baskets
(Belly Basket Set)

switch out kitchen items

Is a goal of yours to cook more at home? I find switching out things like old kitchen towels and trivets can help you get a fresh start and treating yourself with new dishware, placemats and things can get you excited.

Keep going, you've got this!
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