New Office Reveal - PILLOWPIA

New Office Reveal

From a literal "in-house" office at our founder's home in Bed-Stuy to an amazing penthouse loft space. We welcome you to the bigger and brighter PILLOWPIA Offices...

desk in office with plants

plants in office
(Belly Baskets, Coasters coming soon)

We placed our communal style desks in the center of the space, fixed with our office plants and a beautiful bamboo chandelier. All of the tables throughout the office are equipped with wheels so they can easily be moved around to accommodate different events and meetings.

warehouse shelf with pillows

The gang's all here. All of our inventory lives on these giant warehouse-style shelves where you can easily view the collection and we can grab what we need. We went for an Annie/Mr. Bundles vibe for the overflow with laundry style rolling bins.

girl working at desk in office

Hard at work or hardly working? The answer is; always hard at work writing this blog! However, it is a challenge not to take naps when you're surrounded by pillows and have a comfy couch on hand at all times.

couch in front of window

Come visit us! Make an appointment to stop by our showroom here

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Congratulations on your expansion!
We all wish you continued success in your beautiful new space!!!
With love,
The Nelson’s &
The Bauer Family

Carol Nelson

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