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Little House On The Valley

Summer is our founder, Pia's most cherished time of year. A time to be active and outdoors but also time to slow down, be barefoot, and lounge around in between swims. Her favorite project this summer was the playhouse she built for her daughter, who turned four this July. Check out the Costco playhouse makeover of every little girl and boy and, let's face it, grown-up's summertime dreams.

Pia picked up a few supplies at the hardware store and a handful of decor items at a local antique store to turn this playhouse from cabin to beach house. 

Contrast paint gives the house visual interest. And gold hardware shines in the summer sun. An antique metal beach sign around back points kids the right direction to take a dip. 

Finally, Pia picked up mini Adirondack chairs and a mini picnic table to match the doors and voila. 

Pia suggests adding tabletop belly baskets and a few petite pillows to add that extra home-sweet-home feel to kid decor projects


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I own a lovely preschool/daycare in Encinitas how much one of those play house runs ??? And I would I would want the wood that doesn’t rot or termites can’t eat 😀

Malicah walsh

you are amazing pia and I am sure Annabelle and Lucas love to play in it each time you all go to the beach. its charming and so inviting created by you! hugs to Annabelle and Lucas from gg

gg grandma gloria

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