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How to Style Lumbar Pillows

Not sure what to do with your new lumbar? Don't panic we've got a few ideas...


Layering -

Layer with a 20x20 pillow or two on your favorite couch for a casual, cozy feel. Lumbar's are also the perfect size to place on an entryway bench and are a great way to set the overall mood for your home right when you walk in the front door!

(Image by The Midkiff House; Vines Pillow in nude, Cowrie Lumbar in shell pink)

Bedroom centerpiece -

Make a statement in the center of your bed! This spot was made for a lumbar since its shape is essentially a mini version of your standard bed pillow. Backdrop with a collection of solid pillows to make a printed lumbar stand out even more.

(Tulips Pillow in aqua)

Chair moment -

Add comfort and style to the back of just about any chair. Wicker, wishbone, armchair, et cetera et cetera a lumbar is the perfect fit.

(Tulips Pillow in grey)


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