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Easy Changes to Make Your Decor Feel New Again

Starting to feel bored with your current decor? It happens. There are a few easy changes you can make to give your space a refresh using the decor you already own.

Make your bed -

An easy step that's often forgotten or put off, but making your bed is a great way to make your room feel new again. It's also a nice way to jumpstart your morning and ensure a relaxing end to your day.

(Image by Ariel Loves , Cowrie Lumbar in shell pink)

Add a new plant -

Bring in some life to your home with a new plant or two. If you've been contemplating what to do with an empty corner or an empty table, fill it up with some new greenery.

(James Tissue Box Cover in army)

Switch out your tissue covers -

Bring in a different pop of color to a room. Or if you only have one tissue cover, move it around. Put it on a new table, bookshelf, counter space, stack of books, you name it!

(James Tissue Box Cover in lavender)

re-arrange throw pillows and blankets -

Sometime's all you need is a new pillow arrangement. Play with the pieces you already have. You'd be surprised what a new throw pillow setup can do to a space.

(Tulips Pillow in grey)




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