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2022 Valentine's Day Gift Guide

It's the season of love yet again. When we reflect on our loved ones, specifically our significant others, and consider how we can express our gratitude and appreciation. Valentine's Day brings us closer, and in times like this, we all need to know we're loved. We put together this gift guide to help you express your love on that special day.


For The Chef -

Brownish orange net style bag
french market bag in wheat

The French Market Bag is a farmer's market favorite. The perfect accessory for an eco-conscious shopper.

for The Globetrotter -

 Wall art print of architectural pink steps
stepwell print

The Stepwell print represents an iconic Indian landmark, the Panna Meena Ka Kund. Any seasoned traveler or curious-minded soul can appreciate such a photogenic place.

for The Sentimentalist -

Orange linen tissue box cover
james tissue box cover in sandalwood

We've said it before, and we'll say it again, tissue boxes aren't cute. Our soft linen tissue box covers are the ideal cover-up, perfect for the empathetic rom-com watcher.

for the spicy one -

natural colored lumbar style pillow with single horizontal orange stripe
linus pillow in persimmon

Pillows are underrated as gifts. Who wouldn't appreciate the consideration of comfort. Our Linus Pillows come in many different colors, but there's something extra spicy about persimmon orange.

for the artist -

 Wall art print of drawn woman sitting down wearing pink pants
figure 2 print

Our figure 2 print is for the laid-back creative. Its simple line-drawn design with a bit of color lets it blend into well-adorned walls.

for the homebody - 

Natural colored lumbar style pillow with single horizontal purple stripe
linus pillow in orchid

We may all be homebodies now, given the past two year's, so this is perfect. Give the gift of comfort and security to the newfound homebody or the advanced lounger.

for the romantic -

Set of 2 pink colored rug style placemats
chindi placemat in peony

For the ones who love a candle-lit dinner, help them set the table. Our Chindi Placemats add warmth and texture to your tablescape.

for the nudist -

Wall art print of line-drawn woman sitting with back turned on light pink background
 figure 1 in sea salt

Yeah, we said it. Our simplistic Figure 1 line drawings make great additions to any room, but especially the bathroom and bedroom.

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