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Welcome to Pillowpia!

A few years ago, my husband and I purchased our first home. Furnishing it seemed like a daunting task coming from our shoebox in the East Village. Our existing "stuff" was swallowed by the house. It basically fit in the corner of one room on move-in day. During a welcome to the neighborhood drop-in, our neighbor called that little stack of boxes "adorable" and wished us luck.

The search began for those odds and ends that make a house a home. I wanted the space to feel warm and inviting, lived-in, happy, and reflective of our adventures together as a couple. Then the pinning began! But a thick file of inspiration wasn't enough. Where do I buy these treasures without breaking the bank? We had a mortgage to contend with and soon a baby on the way. A fiddle leaf fig tree can only take one so far. The more I searched, the more I saw a gap in the market between what I wanted and what I wanted to spend. I've always believed you can have what you want, sometimes you just need to create it. And thus Pillowpia was born!

Pillows were a natural start for the business. I absolutely love them. They are fun, easy accessories that add comfort and coziness. I have such a warm feeling for pillows, I even gave a nod to them in my wedding vows to my husband by altering this classic quote: from this day forward, you will never be alone, my heart will be your pillow and my arms will be your home. I hope you love adding our products to your spaces as much as we loved creating them.

xo Pia

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