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Bon Traveler Gift Guide

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A Gift Guide For The Mindful Traveler
Dec 2, 2019 byline: Bon Traveler

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Copy: It’s here! I’m so excited to share this year’s holiday gift guide. Looking at what everyone loved last year and some current requests, I’ve curated this gift guide specifically for the mindful traveler.

This year it’s all about thoughtful gifts that are designed to go the mile. Gifts that not only you’ll keep for a long time, but products that are designed with sustainability and have an impact. I’m talking about shoes made from recycled plastic water bottles or a wallet that supports sustainable fashion and gives back. 

It’s the kind of gifts that create memories, like a gift card to unplug at an Airbnb or hop on a flight to see a loved one. You’ll find three sections below. The first is called “The Mindful Things,” dedicated to gifts that are thoughtful, rooted in sustainability, and promote overall wellness. The second section is dedicated to “The Must-Haves” for your frequent flier, items that I use and have been a fan of. The third is “The Dream List,” those bigger ticket items like a camera or noise-canceling headphones.

So here’s a look at this year’s holiday gift guide. 

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