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AMFAM Home Decor Feature

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How to Refresh Your Surroundings
Dec 2, 2019 byline: Bon Traveler

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Copy: You’ve probably found yourself second-guessing everything in your life over the past two months, including every piece of decor in your home. Why not get in touch with your inner interior designer and spend some quarantine time searching for new pieces? Textiles (i.e. pillows) are the easiest and most affordable switch up. Here are some of our favorite trends and ideas to refresh your surroundings.

Shop Sustainable Materials

When picking out textiles, we should all try our best to be environmentally friendly and choose sustainable materials like organic, natural, and upcycled fabrics. Luckily these materials tend to be cozier and better quality than synthetics like polyester anyway. They also make you feel good knowing your home is one with the Earth.

Pops of Color and Texture

The safest route would be sticking to neutrals, but pops of color can be so fun! Earth tones like deep greens, amber browns, and oranges tend to complement neutrals if that is your baseline. Simple patterns and embroidered details add texture without going overboard.

Choose Independent Brands 

Look to independent brands always, but especially now more than ever. We all know small businesses and independent companies are at risk. If you are on the market to buy home decor, try some new independent brands. The products are usually better quality because of the care that goes behind them. Best of all, your purchase, no matter the size, can make a big impact.

Go Long

Lumbar pillows, aka the long and skinny ones, are sometimes hard to style if you don’t know what to do with them. If you’re looking to accessorize that chair in the corner, a lumbar pillow is the perfect choice. The shape works nicely because all you need is one. It won’t cover up the chair and it provides great lower back support. Go super long for that designer bedroom look.

One-of-a-Kind Pieces 

One-of-a-kind pieces are great because they are typically handmade and add a special touch. Companies like PILLOWPIA specialize in handmade textiles sourced from around the world and reimagined in their studio in Brooklyn, NY. These textiles tend to be a little bit more expensive but that is because of all of the work that goes into them. And the fact that you will literally be the only person in the world that has that exact mud cloth or batik pillow on your couch is pretty cool. 

Take some time while you have it to refresh your surroundings. Figure out what makes you happy in your space, what doesn’t, and then gather inspo on what you’d like to add. Pinterest is always a great tool for finding inspiration and independent brands that are in line with your interior style. And now you have a few tips to keep in mind when looking for that perfect home accent.

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