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Sustainable Shopping with the French Market Bag

Why not be fashionable and save the environment? Inspired by the vintage net bags carried by European women for decades from market to boulangerie, the French Market Bag is quickly becoming the go-to for modern women everywhere.

(Image via Who What Wear)

The single-use plastic bags used for produce at a standard grocery store are difficult to recycle, very difficult to reuse and a huge contributor to litter. Net bags are obviously reusable, surprisingly spacious and cuter than the reusable totes sold at most grocery stores.

(Image via Pillowpia)

If you don't want to rock the net bag look every day, then toss one into any bag for "just-in-case" moments. Use it for that random thrift store purchase or late-night bodega run.

 (Image via Kelly Golightly)

We found this super great list of Brooklyn hot spots - including sustainable shops that you can take your French Market Bag to.

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