framed art piece on white wall. Photograph of pink architecture in India in frame

How to: Order Art Prints

If you have dreams of conjuring up a gallery wall in your home, we've got you. Our collection of wall art was designed with customization in mind. We've supplied you with various size and orientation options for each art piece, making it that much easier for you to fill your empty wall space. Not to mention, we've included a digital download option for each print allowing you to further customize your art. Keep reading for a guide on digital downloads and how to purchase prints.

pink art piece with female figure drawing on white wall (Figure 1 in sea salt)

 Buying Printed Artwork

Our printed artwork comes on archival giclée paper, which basically means it's high-quality and will stay in pristine condition. We offer different size and orientation options depending on the print that can also be found in the drop-down pictured below. All of our prints come unframed allowing you to customize the frame to your liking. We print in standard sizes so finding the right frame is easy.

Much like our textiles, our collection of artwork pairs effortlessly well together. We have prints with tasteful tropical vibes, beautiful architecture, and soft minimal figure drawings. With a variety of different color options to fit your space.

Buying a Digital Download

We've given you the option to download our art in different ratio sizes, depending on the art piece. If you don't see the canvas size you want available in print form you can purchase a downloadable version and custom print it to your liking. The available ratios can be found in the size drop-down menu on the product page. If you aren't sure what canvas sizes correspond with the ratios, here's a chart -

1:1 ratio: 10x10, 12x12, 16x16, 18x18, 20x20, up to 40x40
2:3 ratio: 4x6, 6x9, 8x12, 10x15, 12x18, 16x24, up to 26x40
3:4 ratio: 6x8, 9x12, 12x16, 18x24, up to 30x40
4:5 ratio: 8x10, 16x20, 24x30, up to 32x40

wall art product page with size menu drop down

How do I print my download?

Once you've purchased your digital download, you will receive the download link via email. All of our prints are JPEG files at 300 DPI, meaning they are at full resolution up to the largest size listed above. If you choose to print larger, the quality will be lower, but if you are ok, we're ok. 

You have the option to print your art anywhere you'd like and on whatever paper texture suits your style. Office supply stores like Staples and FedEx or your local printing shops offer printing on a variety of papers and sizes. Or you can go the online route with or

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