woman carrying multiple macrame plant hangers. All with different colored knot detailing.

Product Spotlight: Trina Macrame Plant Hanger

Meet Trina, the 100% cotton macrame plant hanger! We designed this plant hanger with personality in mind, giving it added color and a modern twist. If you've been wanting to give your plants a new home, the Trina Macrame Plant Hanger is the perfect option.

close up of woman holding macrame plant hanger with light blue detail
(Trina Macrame Plant hanger in sea glass)

close up of woman holding multiple macrame plant hangers with different color knots

Separating ourselves from the classic all natural or solid colored macrame, we opted for a splash of color with two distinct gathering knots on the top and bottom. There are 8 different colors to choose from, including a simple natural, so there's no chance this plant hanger won't fit your style!

close up of woman with gold ring of a plant hanger around her eye
(Trina Macrame Plant Hanger in iron)

Finally, to hang, we've added a luxe gold ring at the top. It's supportive for hanging any size plant while still being cute. The Trina Macrame Plant Hanger can be hung in a living room, kitchen, bedroom, porch, you name it.

Close up of macrame plant hangers. Woman watering one of the plants.

Pro tip: If your plant hanger is too long for your ceiling height, you can always trim the ends!

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