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Product Spotlight: New Apron Collection

This month's Product Spotlight is on our new apron collection. Two fits, same cross-back style. Our Brooklyn and Classic Fit aprons are soft to the touch made from 100% European linen. Easy to get on, tempting to never take off!

woman smiling wearing sand colored apron, holding large clipboard and pen, in front of orange background
(Classic Fit in smoked)
three aprons in sand color, indigo color, camel color
(left to right: smoked, cornflower, camel)

Get cookin' good lookin' in the Classic Fit. A more traditional take on the Japanese pullover aprons, a thicker strap and two side pockets give it a soft look. Available in cornflower, smoked, and camel colors.

woman sitting wearing glasses pouring water into a cocktail glass, wearing a camel colored apron
(Classic Fit in camel)

Look effortlessly cool in the Brooklyn Fit. The two-toned strap and pocket detail give this apron a unique look making it almost necessary to wear out of the house. If you're a sun kiss, greenery, or indigo lover we have all three color waves available.

woman wearing sand colored apron with pink pocket in front of blue background
three aprons in sand color with pink pocket, indigo color with dark blue pocket, sand color with tan pocket and green straps
(left to right: sun kiss, indigo, greenery)

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