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How to Take Care of Your Pillows

Throw pillows need some extra lovin' sometimes. Your pillows should be cared for regularly. However, there are also a few ways to take care of your pillows without throwing them in the wash (get it, "throw"). Care can mean fluffing, light vacuuming, spot cleaning, dry cleaning, or washing depending on the care instructions. Here are our favorite tips and tricks on how to keep pillows fresh, especially with the holiday visiting season approaching.

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1. Wash your inserts and covers separately. Many times, pillow covers have separate care instructions and can't be washed in the same cycle as your insert, but mostly this is necessary for an optimal clean and helps in the re-shaping process once they dry. Throw some tennis balls or balled socks in the dryer with your inserts to keep them fluffy.

2. Pay close attention to care instructions. You can find the care instructions for our pillows by visiting the product page on our site. Most will tell you to machine wash cold, gentle cycle, do not bleach, tumble dry low, press inside out. However, in some cases, pillows are dry clean only or need to be only spot cleaned due to the nature of the material.

3. Depending on the pillow and your bravery, it can be a good idea to hang dry rather than tumble dry. Or lay your cover out for some good ol' fresh air style cleaning if you are concerned about the material keeping its shape.

4. Fluffing is mandatory. Often times after you wash your throw pillows some of the shape will be lost, but fear not. A good healthy fluffing can fix this. If hand fluffing fails, try putting your pillows (cover and insert together) into the dryer with no heat and a few dryer balls to get the shape back.

5. Maintain the clean. Keep your pillows cleaner for longer by regularly dusting and vacuuming. It can also be a good idea to place your harder-to-care-for pillows in low traffic areas of the house.

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