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How to Stuff a Pillow

We stuff a lot of pillows over here at Pillowpia and have managed to perfect the art. Here is a step-by-step tutorial on what we've learned. 

We recommend inserts that are slightly larger than your pillow cover. Two inches larger works well. All of our pillows come with their own fitted pillow inserts so there is no guesswork. But you may need to remove your cover to wash it and here are some tips to get that fresh from the store look.

Step One: Insert your pillow insert into the cover fully. It doesn't have to be perfect, we handle that later.

Step Two: Once your pillow is fully inserted, it's time to straighten out the corners. Push the pillow insert into each corner.

Step Three: Grab two corners. Make sure you are holding both the insert and the pillow cover in each hand. Then shake it out. Turn and repeat on the next corner and so on until you are all the way around your pillow. At this point, things should be looking pretty good.


Step Four: zip or button your pillow and give it a big squishy hug to make sure your stuffing is evenly distributed.

Voila! The perfectly stuffed pillow.

Check out are founder, Pia, demonstrating the technique HERE

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