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Feel-Good Summer Reads

 Searching for your next read? Maybe a spicy summer romance or a comedic drama about a family holiday in the Mediterranean. Here are some of our favorite feel-good books to accompany you to the beach and/or on the airplane to the beach.


The Vacationers - Emma Straub

A heavily dysfunctional and relatable family goes on a two-week long vacation in the beautiful Mallorca. Straub gives a glance into each family members trials and tribulations with a light sense of humor that keeps you engaged.

Modern Lovers - Emma Straub

This story follows a group of best friends from college now older and with their own kids going off to college. Based in Brooklyn, each character faces what it's like to grow up and find their paths.

Conversations with Friends - Sally Rooney

Frances is in her early twenties and finds herself having an affair with an older married actor. Rooney somehow turns an unlikely fantasy for most girls into a heavily relatable story as we follow Frances through a self-identifying journey.

What are your favorite feel-good summer reads?


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