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Nature & Nurture: A Mother's Day Tribute

In honor of Mother's Day, we paid a visit to founder, Pia's childhood home where creative nature and nurture are both strong.

A jeweler, a painter, a pottery maker, a sculptor, a weaver, with macrame fever long before it became the fiber art craze we know today, Pia's mother, Neva, shows us around her home filled with a prolific collection of her own creative works and inspiration worthy of any hygge house.

(mother and daughter in Neva's studio)

No Scandinavian home is complete without a hand-painted Dala horse collection. A nearby mobile with handcrafted figures dances nearby. The walls are lined with Neva's paintings and embroideries. 

(from top left: Neva's collection of Dala horses; Neva's handmade embroideries behind stained glass pendant light; handcrafted straw mobile; original macrame wall hanging; curio cabinet; hand carved and hand painted animals)

The surfaces are covered with her pottery and sculpture work. And did we mention the macrame? The intricate details and wide array of techniques behind these treasures have clearly influenced Pia's love of design.

(from top left: original oil painting behind handmade ceramic vase; original oil painting; clay sculpture beside handmade ceramic vase; self-portrait in oil paint; rhododendron embroidery; original oil painting all by Neva)

The subject of many of Neva’s works of art himself, a painting of Central Park sits behind Pia’s father’s music alcove grounded by his Steinway grand piano. 

trumpet and books
(from top: original oil painting of Central Park; Philip in oil paint; Philip in pencil)
Upstairs, Neva shows us some of the jewelry pieces that she designed and made for fashion designer Mary McFadden. Followed by an album with photos and editorial clippings of her work.
jewelry flatlay

(from top: a sampling of Neva's handmade jewelry pieces; editorial of Neva's work for Mary McFadden; Neva at her loom) 

And finally, Neva kindly lets us get a peek into her studio. A sunlit room in the upstairs corner of the house equipped with paintbrushes, sketchbooks, and her easel.

(from top left: original oil painting; embroidery hoops over Matisse poster; library of craft and art books; greenery in the studio; art supplies; Neva's sketch pad) 

 (Neva painting in the Hamptons circa the 1960s)

mother and daughter holding panting
(self-portrait in oil paint)

You've always inspired me to make, Mom! Love you more! xo Pia
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Ooops! Two months late!!!Don´t know how I missed this one!…I remember back in 1962 when Neva´s mom, Mrs. Dalenbring, showed us how to macrame..I never had the patience and my talents lay in a blurry “elsewhere” of art forms.Neva got the macrame “bug” …I wonder if she still has a photo of her first knotted -rug attemp? I thought it was fantastic! From that point, the rest is “history” as they say!

Montserrat X De Gaston

I love this so much. Happy mother’s day to both of you.


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